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Monday, January 30, 2012

2011 Summary ::NO REGRETS::

::No Regret::
Yes, its true...all things that took place during last year's journey were written beautifully on every page of my life. Sunny days and rainy days are equally important to keep living. As for the sun and the moon willingly changing places for days and nights so did pleasant and sad experiences came after another.  Enough said, everything that happened last year, be it emotionally and physically involved all praises be to GOD.  Without His guidance and blessing all things almost impossible...To God be the glory, forever.

Well, this is the 8 months since i updated this blog.  My last post was on May 12, 2011. ...funny though, i thought i would never be able to open this blog again, as, every time i tried to open it, it didn't get through. But after a little twist here and there...i am able to open it again...much to my pleasure.  So there is no reason not to post an update.

2011 went so well.  In term of blessings i could never be able to count them one by one.  I deeply thank God for my friends..all of them.  Am not going to mention names one by one sure, my friends know that i am talking about them.  I love you guys are so superb!!!

I spent more and more time online,  though it is not something to be proud of, but i enjoyed doing it.  I watched more dramas, listened to many songs and played many games.  The amount of time i spent on all of that obviously increase from the year before.  Am not sure if i could instruct myself this year to minimize time online...:) i'll try hard.  Here the list of KDramas i randomly like...Man of Honour, The Greatest Love, 49 Days, Still Marry Me, SKKS, Me Too Flowers, The Accidental Couple, Lie To Me, City Hunter,  and many-many more....

I have visited quite a number of interesting places.  I love doing that..spending time outdoors, enjoying sceneries and get soaked with nature is something i always looking forward to especially during weekends.  Am glad all last year's trip went well.

Though in beginning of 2011 i promised myself to loose some kilos...but it seemed i didn't accomplish my wish. It's ok, i love myself and my body...i don't feel bad at all.  This year i would really have to watch my food intake....more vegetables and fruits and more exercises..:)))) Fighting!!!