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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nature Lover

Ooooo..... I  have to admit, weekend is gonna end soon in few hours.  I still want to be in bed until the sun high up tomorrow! Shall i take a day off then? No, i cant do that, my off days are too precious to be taken just like that, they are well reserved for family vacations.... anyway, weekend has never been enough, do you agree with me?? i bet you are.

Well, as expected from a nature lover like me ( oh well, i said so because its true..hahhaha) upon receiving an invitation to spend time in the jungle, i couldn't refuse.  Why should i? Getting ready in a fast speed and super excited to be able to breath fresh air from the forest trees.  I have to thank all the trees for giving us the oxygen!!well, God should be thanked for, for that, actually.  Thank you God!

Anyway, the place that we headed to yesterday was...Gabai River Waterfall, somewhere in Hulu Langat Selangor.
Here is the signboard at the entrance of the fall.  Parking spaces are limited and the guard takes RM1 for each person and RM4 if you are to use their tables and chairs.
This is the lower part of the fall, actually, it has many levels of falls, some are not safe to play in as it is very slippery and very high.
The stone bridge is very convenient  for the visitors who wish to go to the other side.

here the middle part of the fall, which they marked as "Danger Zone'.  There is no entrance for this one.

Anyway, way up to the upper falls is nicely done with cement BUT...its really high and it took more than 20 minutes to climb up the staircases.

This is like 1/4 the lenght of cement staircases for climbing up.  As i made two trips up and down these staircases yesterday, i feel so much muscle pain on my leg....well, that a sign of lack of exercise.  You can guess so, right?
its really worth it, (being out of breath while climbing up) upon seeing this beautiful fresh water.

So cold and refreshing

of course, cannot miss the chance to feel the water running through my skin.

Anyway, this fall is actually very popular and during the weekend will receive many visitors, but due to the fasting month, less visitor were coming in this time.  Its good though as we can enjoyed the place to the fullest!

My Angel is super excited and she is asking to visit this place again.

We really indulged in the cold nature

Fun never ending, though the water is amazingly freezing!!

look at her, her lips were all blue due to ice cold water

Resting under the sun for awhile....
Then jumping in again

and again...

I love the place which actually under the shades of all the big trees

And here, we can slide...its more fun than those Water Theme Parks

we stay until the sun gone down.

Anyway, definitely, we need to go again...that was what we said to each other.  Seeing a place like this, makes me missed my own village. 

Love  your river!! and Nature!!
and keep in clean!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Mixed updates

"Kebahagiaan bukan terletak pada banyaknya harta di dunia, melainkan bagaimana kita sentiasa tetap mengucap syukur dan memuliakan Tuhan dengan keadaan yang ada!"


i skipped too many days already. i wish i could write everyday but times always slipped away. Anyway, i was fairy busy in the last two weeks with office work. I miss writing on this page!!
My dramas updates:

Yey! I finished watching "I do-I do" and "I love Lee Tae Ri" last weekend. Satisfaction to the fullest. Why?? Simple: Happy Ending: of course, that is the main reason why i watch KDrama, because of its happy ending. And tell me, why would i watch a Drama with a bad ending anyway? Nothing good comes from it except it will keep me sad, stress for at least a few days. I do not want to have a bad day because of a drama..hehehhehee.

A Gentleman's Dignity and Unexpected You are still on going. For few weeks from now, i will occupy some of the hours i have to watch every new episode. Its really painful to wait every week for a new episode. But, that is the main part of enjoying KDrama, waiting in agony for a new episode!!!

I hope this week pass by happily and joyfully though there are many problems arise from here and there from every corner of my life but i will keep my head straight, i know God knows all my problems. My problems are safe in His Hands. Trust Him.

Am in my countdown mood as well. Can't wait for our trip to Bangkok, missing my darling very much by now. See you soon Honey!!

To all my muslim friends, happy fasting!!!

Well, not forgetting my Online Boyfriend ::MERLIN:: i have been waiting like ages for you to come on my TV once again...when will i see you again??? please don't keep me waiting...i am missing you too, very much!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Garden after long summer

its muddy due to heavy rain fell the night before

favorite fruits for soup

well, it seems that fruits will come out soon

waiting to ripe

love this grilled pour with chilli sauce

Grasses all the way

back off mosquitoes!

Loyal visitor

this really paid off my sweats

growing well

enjoying the place

and working hard!!!


...time flies...

What should i say? All thanks to the Lord for blessing me that i am this happy.

Though i  seemed to be busy within last week and this week because of office work, i cannot hide
the  fact that i am super happy.

Everything is in place.  Plan for leaving the country for vacations have been settled well.  Air tickets have been booked and confirmed.  Hotel and transportation also booked.  What left now is flying!  Really looking forward to that.

First Stop: Bangkok, Thailand (Pattaya)

Will be staying at Discovery Beach Hotel, Pattaya.
Booked a room with ocean view- that will be superb!!

2nd Stop will be : Manila, Philippines ( unofficially our second country)

3rd Stop: Dumaguete City ( has become Our second home)
No hotel needed, we have our own house built here...can't wait to be home.

Its time to fly!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Amazing Blessing

Wow, July comes fast right.  i didn't really know what i have accomplished for the month of June, but one thing for sure is my KDramas are getting more exciting.  I am waiting everyday for a new episode. I guess that what my day pass really fast.  Anyway, i am so glad, June passed beautifully.  God's Grace sure amazing!!!

The good news that i received this afternoon was beyond my thoughts, though i did have a little confident but my human mind still occupy with doubt. But, when i finally see it by my own eyes, i was shouting my happiness.  I really have to congratulate myself for the hard work....One week in preparation for the interview was not a waste! I am so glad i made it!

Participating in a trip to South Korea is a dream that comes true.  What a rare opportunity! I will finally breath the same air that my KHJ and JKS breath...just thinking of it that way makes me so excited thought i know for sure, i wouldn't be able to meet them in Seoul.

Anyway, i was so happy today...All thanks and praises to my Lord.  He opens the way for me.  I am really blessed.

Looking forward to a memorable trip to South Korea...i will begin my countdown from today until the day which will be from Sept 9 to Sept 22.

Dreams do come true!!