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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hijaunya daun


good, life has been great
there are many reasons to give thanks
big and small...
give thanks all

Thursday, July 17, 2014

#2-2014 -Missing the moment

The gift from God above
Not forever yours
Her real owner is GOD who created her
All she needs is love 
lots of understanding since she has her own way of thinking
comes with no manual

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

#1-2014 - LIFE GOES ON

half of the year of 2014 is now gone....
looking back to the beginning of the year, 
everything seemed positively promising, BUT.... 
life without hurdle is not life after all.  
Going through up and down is a must.
There were times when one's heart bursting with joy over tiniest little things 
and there were times when tears of sadness peeking through the eyelids.  
Either ways, life is a beautiful puzzle.  

Lets get on with life...
Walk with faith without regret
Look forward, break through and accomplish
There are many unfold blessings 
There are many happy memories to hold
There are many love to share

Leave your footprints
some people might want to erase them
but don't forget,
True friends will wish you were next to them
For true friends know
Your true value.

Here the courage to go on
Wherever your foot step tomorrow
Lets remain being yourself
Showing blessing and love
Showing that you are
the Masterpiece of God.

and life must go on....