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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Missing Seoul - Soul of Asia

Looking through all the pictures taken in South Korea last September, the memories come back to live.
I could clearly see, i walked down the street to JC Food Center from Ambassador Hotel in the falling rain with couple of friends.  I could still feel the smell of the fresh air and the coolness of the evening breezes.
Various scenery popped up in my mind, the taste of food make me miss Korea more and more. wait, i will definitely step my feet on your grasses once again!

(Random Pics) ^__^


With Director Shim of COTI (Central Official Training Institute)

Metropolitan Seoul as background from NSeoul Tower.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

quick update myself... :)

Its been many - many - many nights since i last updated this blog.  I have been missing it for awhile but nothing much i can do.  Work had taken all my times...really...i felt suffocated for a little while...tsk..tsk..tsk....

my Korea's post has already been past due...i don't know if i should write about the trip or not....i wish i had another chance to go there...i haven't had enough of all the places...such a wonderful country...i wonder if Koreans really proud of their country...Korea has become a world's Brand.

any way, November comes fast...and it has been raining ever since.  It is safe to say, we are experiencing the real "November Rain" right now.  Another month to go...Another year will approach...hmmm....time flies

Well, i actually cannot wait  to go back home...Missing philippines so much now...missing our darling especially.

see you soon honey..^__^