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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Weekend in Pattaya, Thailand

Sawadikap... Kumusta?

We had a great time in Pattaya.  I love that place.  I wish to go there again next time.  From the arrival until the departure everything was good.  I love the flow at the airport, so tourists friendly no hassle at all, i mean for me. Since we were staying at Discovery Beach Hotel, Pattaya, we prebooked the hotel transport to pick us up from the airport to the hotel.  The journey took us almost two hours with light traffic from the airport to Pattaya city. Pattaya is well known for its white sandy beaches situated in Pattaya Bay.  Indeed a very magnificent sight to see.  We visited NongNooch Resort and Garden -where we witness  cultural dance and elephant shows and enjoy the outstanding landscape.  We went to Pattaya Floating Market and Pattaya UnderWater World. There are a lots to see and a lot can be done in Pattaya. That city alone offers a full selection of attraction by its own not mentioning the night life.  Those who enjoys night life will find it best there.

Sharing some random shots here:

 At Pattaya Bay - ready for visitors
 Relaxing by overlooking the blue sea water and all other activities at the beach
 Not a good timing for shooting the sunset :) but we still love the view :)
 Angel plays alone at the beach, too unfortunate, my timing isn't right for know..:))
Stunning view from the view point on a hill, overlooking the whole Pattaya Bay and City.  Beautiful!
I missed this boat gliding....:(

hotel pool

 Anyway, temples are everywhere since Thailand is majority Buddha...its understandable. :)
 We love the view!!
 I remember Running Man, they had one episode shot here in the Floating Market before they proceed to Nickhun 2PM's house for another game.  
Pattaya's Street

 It costed us 1300TBaht to enter the Aquarium...i remember Aquaria in KLCC, its just the same :)
 Grilled baby Octopus - love it!
 Tom yam the real deal - the taste was so perfect!! Yummy!
 Grilled Scallops -- this too very yummy!!
 Hotel pool with water slide - My Angel had her great time of course with papa :)
 Suvarnabhumi Airport is bigger and wider than KLIA.  I like their staff especially their Immigration Staff, they are so tourists friendly.
 Well, nothing suspicious here, only for the picture on the far left, they have Monk on priority seats.  :)
 Grilled prawn---Yummy!

Anyway, that was one of our memorable weekend.  We did enjoy ourselves... love everything about Thailand.  Their food, places and people.  Lets put Pattaya in your won't regret it.

Glory and thanks to God for giving us this beautiful opportunity.  Thanks Lord!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Spirit and Rain

I am totally in a countdown mode for our short weekend to Bangkok!!! Little Angel is very excited, each new morning she will ask me how many days are  left.  It looks like that not only her who is looking forward very much to it but of course me, myself as well. I pray, our plan will go well.

Heard too that Phillippines --> our second country a.k.a home is experiencing a severe typhoon at the moment.  The news are everywhere.  My prayers go to whoever the victims and affected areas.  May God cares for them.  It's of course, bothering me as we plan to go to Manila soon.  I pray by the time we arrive there, the typhoon has already calm down.  God please...You are such a Great Magnificent God, nothing that cannot be done by You. 

Waiting for my KDrama to be on air and subbed is such a pain.  Heard the broadcasting stations in Korea mostly delayed the shows due to giving priority for Olympic. Nothing i could do but waiting.  Anyway, to pass the time, i downloaded many animated movies, and our household spending almost every night watching all these movies.

I come across Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, a 2002 American animated Western film that was released by DreamWorks. It is about an adventures of a young Kiger mustang stallion living in the 19th century wild west.

We had a BIG WOW's time and tears were flowing down at some parst of sadness as well as happiness throughout the story. (The instrumental score was composed by Hans Zimmer, with songs from Bryan Adams. The opening theme song for the film, "Here I Am" was written by Bryan Adams, Gretchen Peters, and Hans Zimmer.)---> Sourced from wiki.  We really like all the theme songs with heart capturing voice of Bryan Adams.

I like these two beautiful horses ---> Spirit and Rain.  (^___^)

For those who had miss this one, here the clip on youtube for you:

Freedom is what everybody needs.  Cheers everyone!

God Bless!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Pudding Caramel

Olaa.....Kumusta readers?? :) (me, myself and I)

Never underestimate yourself! this is what i always tell myself.

Anyway, yesterday was rare, i said so because i suddenly found myself making something that i never made before...

Taa...daaa....Pudding Caramel.

hahahhaa, laughing at myself, i did really make it.  The courage? Because of Angel.  That sweet girl, she enjoys watching people cooking on YouTube, especially the show "Cooking with the Dog" a series about Japanese cooking. When i concentrated on what she watched, at that time was "How to make pudding caramel" i feel like i need to try to make that.

Here the video that finally got me to make the caramel....

That was how it began. Anyway, pictures will give you the details..hahahhaaa
Cooking some sugar with little water until brownie in color...add a little more warm water before putting it in the mold.

slowly beat egg both yellow and white.

mixed with low fat milk...( am using Angel's Milk as i just use whatever i have in stock as the idea was so prompt) :))

Mixing the egg, milk and sugar, depending on your degree of sweetness.

i strained the mixture before i pour it into the mold which already filled with cooked sugar from before.

i covered with aluminium foil and steamed under a small heat for 18-20 minutes (supposedly)

Here after the steaming process, excited to see my first final product. Cooling down before putting in the refrigerator

After 20 minutes in the fridge, taa...daa....i turned it up side down, looking good!!

Anyway, first experiment always not the best.  I have few good comments from friends...
As you can see, there are holes everywhere, meaning that, i steamed it for too long or maybe the fire was too big.  So, the next time i do this again, i will keep that in mind.

Well, i am proud of myself. I am happy because Angel likes the taste!!! Surely not a waste to try!!!