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Monday, May 28, 2012

A Sad Happy Ending - Rooftop Prince

Annyeong Haseyo....:)))

Superb! this is definitely me!!

Rooftop Prince (Hangul: 옥탑방 왕세자; Hanja: 屋塔房王世子; Ok-tab-bang Wang-se-ja) is a SBS television series about Crown Prince Yi Gak of Joseon whose wife, the Crown Princess, had suddenly drowned. Suspecting his wife has been murdered, Crown Prince Yi Gak hires three men outside the court to act as his private task force and find the culprit. Mysteriously,while searching clues for the culprit, they travel 300 years into the future and land in modern-day Seoul in the rooftop apartment belonging to Park-ha, who has returned to Seoul from U.S in search of her biological parents. Soon after landing in the modern day Seoul, and to his surprise, he runs across a woman that looks exactly like his drowned crown princess. However, he soon finds out that there is also a man, looking exactly like himself, who lived in the modern day Korea. Although with difficulty, the men, with the help of Park-ha, try to fit into modern times while trying to reconnect with the past and solve the mystery of the his wife's death.

Starring Micky Yoochun of JYJ, Han Ji-min, Jung Yoo-mi and Lee Tae-sung; the series was broadcasted on SBS from March 14, 2012 on Wednesday and Thursday at 21:55 (KST).


I spent the whole weekend watching RoofTop Prince.... i thought i was going to finish it within one week, but, more to my own surprise...i did it only in two days...all 20 episodes. ( i feel my mind and my physical is weaken due to lack of sleep and rest)  Well, but,nothing weird, it was just too good to pause.  Cannot wait for it to finish but when it finally finished i longed for more episodes.

Love it....LOVE IT!!!

What a twist to the end!  Whoever have watch 49 Days before you will definitely understand why i said so...the feeling i have when it finally over is the same feeling i had when i finished Rooftop Prince. Happy but sad, and sad but happy.  Though, i personally wish there are more happy episodes of Tae Yong with Park Ha and i wish that Bo Yong didn't have to die in Joseon Era.  It will be much perfect.  I thinks that is why i feel like, the ending is a little too short and a bit frustrating.  I want more special episodes!!!!! :))

i dont want to comment about the actors and actresses...for me all of them have done a very excellent job.  All of them are the best!!

Rooftop Prince....definitely in my all time Fav Korean Drama.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Unexpected YOU!

Omo...omo...omo.... couldn't believe come i missed this great i go through the web, trying to find which drama of all dramas that are airing now being on the 1st  for rating...i come to this...
Unexpected You!...
This is it! The drama that always on the 1st Rating!!! Hoorayy!! i've found you.


This drama tells the story of TV drama director Yoon Hee (Kim Nam Joo) and Surgeon Gwi Nam (Yoo Joon Sang) after they get married but meets her unbelievable mother-in-law (Yoon Yeo Jung).

Episode Ratings so far:
2012-02-25124.5 (1st)21.9 (1st)
2012-02-26229.3 (1st)29.4 (1st)
2012-03-03326.2 (1st)26.2 (1st)
2012-03-04430.2 (1st)30.2 (1st)
2012-03-10527.2 (1st)26.7 (1st)
2012-03-11632.5 (1st)32.4 (1st)
2012-03-17730.3 (1st)31.1 (1st)
2012-03-18835.2 (1st)35.6 (1st)
2012-03-24930.5 (1st)30.2 (1st)
2012-03-251038.5 (1st)39.6 (1st)
2012-03-311133.9 (1st)33.1 (1st)
2012-04-011236.2 (1st)36.2 (1st)
2012-04-071332.2 (1st)32.6 (1st)
2012-04-081435.6 (1st)37.3 (1st)
2012-04-141530.4 (1st)30.7 (1st)
2012-04-151638.6 (1st)40.3 (1st)
2012-04-211736.3 (1st)37.8 (1st)
2012-04-221838.9 (1st)42.3 (1st)
2012-04-281932.2 (1st)33.3 (1st)
2012-04-292036.0 (1st)37.6 (1st)
2012-05-052129.0 (1st)28.2 (1st)
2012-05-062234.5 (1st)37.5 (1st)

Since i become so curious that all my favorite dramas Love Rain, Fashion King, King of Two Heart and Feast of God..... are not having the 1st in Rating. I was wondering which drama is on the 1st....Now i Know :))

OK...without wasting anymore time...Lets start watch immediately!. and this will keep me occupy until August (**smile again...happiness overloaded!)

Happy watching!!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Dramas On Going

An-yŏng-ha-se-yo. 안녕하세요 
Chal ji-nae-shŏ-ssŏ-yo? 잘 지내셨어요?

its been a while will always been that way....too much distractions that i couldn't find times to update my blog.

Well, anyway, as promise before, i will upload a little about my favorite dramas that are airing now....what i mean by airing now is...they are still airing in Korean TV channel as of this date, be it in MBC, SBS, KBS or other channels that is in Korea.

Of course, my no. 1 list will be

for a very obvious reason ----> JGS !!!! No way i gonna miss this.  I bet you too. :))

Now my 2nd one is..
FASHION KING -------> i like Yoo Ah In :)

Here goes my No. 3 in the List

KING OF TWO HEART ------> My cutest brother LSG is the Hero!!!

and my 4th is
FEAST OF GODS-----> Lovely girl Seong Yoo Ri and Handsome Lee Sang Woo catch my attention.

well, that enough as a reason why i seem to have no time to update my blog.  Those dramas definitely cannot be missed out.

till next time.

Na-jung-e bwae-yo! 나중에 봬요!