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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Life without Wi-Fi

Anyeong haseyo...

hati meronta-ronta....jiwa gelisah tidak keruan...tapi tidak lah sampai makan tak kenyang mandi tak basah. *(ini bukan kes cinta)  Kenapa?

TIADA WI-FI @internet.

sungguh, apakah diriku ini di tahap kronik kerana tidak dapat bertoleransi tanpa internet?
Adakah aku harus berjumpa doktor kerana jiwaku yang lesu sekiranya tidak online barang sehari-dua?

Sesungguhnya, Diri ini sudah terbiasa dengan keadaan dimana internet sentiasa di hujung jari...bukan saja boleh online setiap masa tetapi juga terbiasa dengan tahap kelajuan internet yang hebat.  Nak buka sesuatu laman web  tiadanya nak loading memanjang.  Sekelip mata semuanya ada di depan skrin.

Itu lah diriku. internet itu satu keperluan. WHY?, dramas, online shows, social networking and gamessssssssssss. Now here in this place right now, i have to depend on broadband to goonline.... well,  you know, Malaysian brand broadband (no matter which service provider---- all is slow) it always take forever to download a page.  Sakit hati menunggu.

Anyway,  tonight is our fourth night sleeping in this new place which we call our second home.  We have done a complete shopping for lighting for the whole house which costed me around RM........ this morning and those lights will be install tomorrow morning.  Cant wait to see. There a lot more things to be done in this new place...but i will take it as one at a time...nothing to rush.

iwishmyhubby is here with us.  He should be here since we have many laundry.  He is an expert.  Missing him.

Still, thanking this slowwww melowww  broandband for helping me posting this post, tonight. at last...


Saturday, September 14, 2013

dropping by- unofficially moving in to our new home

annyeong haseyo... is Sept 14.

time flies fast...looking back it was more than half a year since my last updated.
Luckily this blogger thing didn't ask me to terminate my account due to inactive.  Anyway, i like it because i can always come back anytime i want. hehehhehee.

We moved many things from a friend's house tonight to our new home. The house is still empty white and pure but full of love. Thanks for letting me used your spare rooms for my things, dear friend.  I really appreciated it.

Gonna spend the first night here on our 6 inch foam without the bed since the bed need a strong man to be assembled. Have to wait for that. No aircond yet and we totally depend on a much small size table fan for the night.  We need to give it a try sleeping without aircond, i hope we can tolerate the heat, especially little Angel.

Tomorrow is full of hope...we have many to do list to be done..... and, oh yes.  the laundry, since we havent have the washing machine yet, i need to do it manually tomorrow...i hate doing times like this, my hubby should be at handy.  He loves doing the laundry, all of the houseworks, he always love doing the laundry the most.  Honey, honey, come here...we have laundry to be done....!!!!
too bad, he is far away...

anyway, let sleep to tonight,  Praying that God will be taken care of everything for us.  We trust You, Lord.  You are the Best.

no matter what, the sun will never fail to show up tomorrow.  
There is HOPE