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Monday, May 9, 2011

My addict to SS501

::No Regret::

No Copyright intended.  All credits are to their respective owners/makers.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Still cant get enough of it

::No Regret::
This particular drama so much added flavor to my life...
i love being part of it..Good Job

will watch this drama over and over again...definitely :)))

Thursday, May 5, 2011

For naughty kiss

::No Regret::

Here the diaries of Seung Jo...could never tired of it!!

All Thanks to the Maker of these videos for making this happen!!! love you!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wouldn't it Be Nice

Wouldn't it be nice if we were older
Then we wouldn't have to wait so long
And wouldn't it be nice to live together
In the kind of world where we belong

You know its gonna make it that much better
When we can say goodnight and stay together

Wouldn't it be nice if we could wake up
In the morning when the day is new
And after having spent the day together
Hold each other close the whole night through

Happy times together we've been spending
I wish that every kiss was neverending
Wouldn't it be nice

Maybe if we think and wish and hope and pray it might come true
Baby then there wouldn't be a single thing we couldn't do
We could be married
And then we'd be happy

Wouldn't it be nice

You know it seems the more we talk about it
It only makes it worse to live without it
But lets talk about it
Wouldn't it be nice

Good night my baby
Sleep tight my baby

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

::As of Today::

::No Regret::

Really, why should i? life is unfair its true...but that is just how it works.
it can be unfair now and will be fairly fair tomorrow, so life must go on.
no matter what.

anyway, i owed my blog so much now, not that i dont have the time
to update, not that i dont have story to write nor thoughts to share
but it just that i becoming more and more of myself...yes, myself.

I do things when i think i like doing, when i  am not updating
my blog, i do something else that i like somewhere else....thats all about it.

Now, am in countdown mode.  Why?  Vacation Time.  I love travelling..
I wish i could spend most of my time travelling from time to time to some
islands, big cities, jungles, desserts or even to the Artatica! ....hehehehe...dreaming is always regret!

anyway, i will be in Manila soon...then to Tagaytay, back to Dumaguete, to Manila
then return to blessed that i always have this trip every year, though definitely
i could make it more than one every year, but, since myself  is occupy with work, time
is not on my behalf.

Can't wait for my trip...Angel will be having so much fun this time, as our last trip
she was still a little baby and didnt know how to enjoy the time, but surely this time
she will have her best moment. 

We miss you Honey!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

what should i do?

i wish i could pour out all of these lingering things in my brain.  i have so many plots and agendas inside but didn't have the courage to let them out naturally. How...How??.....even if the they were just my imagination, surely, they have made me a lot more thinking of them only enough to bring  bright smiles on my face...shouldn't we all have to be happy these days? a lot of terrible things happen...inflation, global warming, hunger, etc...people becoming less human, greed is everywhere and power is conquering the innocents. 

well,....see....i couldn't continue anymore...of course there are a lot more in my thought!


Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Coverage

well, the thought of waking up late at least 9.30am, was not happened. i was woken up at 7.00am  by my sister asking to send her to school for her rowing camp.
Cannot say NO, then i went.  Angel was still sleeping..
when i reached home, she already woke up, we had breakfast, and spent the whole morning  in front of the PC watching YouTube.  That is one of the things we have in common,
we could sit in front of the PC just to watch youtube!.  of course her favorite video will be Tom and Jerry and  mine is...well, dramas!!!!
well, we did take a break for taking shower together, then, continue with youtube some more until almost 11.30. Cooking time, take a break to help in the kitchen, gave Angel her lunch.  Since she woke up quite early in the morning, her afternoon  nap was just after her lunch. She didn't nap long though,...
At 1.00pm, everyone was getting ready...time to go to the Airport
Angel's Grandpa and Grandma will be flying back to Miri.
As Angel always said:: "you can't go 'pui doh', the police locked the airport!" well, that was how she expressed her feeling of refusing her grandpa and grandma to leave her. pity Angel, she cried at the Airport.  That's life sweetheart...come and go is what makes life goes on! that particular Saturday is over, anyway :)

Again, could not make my 9.30 morning wake up happened. She still have her rowing camp even on Sunday. what to do, this time, i went together with Angel.  She woke up as soon as i woke up, so
no reason to leave her at home.  She was well behaved though in the car. you go girl! And again, after settling everything ( breakfast, shower and etc) it was time to sit in front of the pc for our daily dose of YouTube.  This mother and daughter could give a BIG headache to the man of the house who is a husband and a father..hahahhaha..
well, honey, you know us more than we know that right???? Sunday is the best!!!! Relaxing doing the things we like the most which is::: just DOING NOTHING::

anyway, cant wait to see you though....miss you this much!!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

terkena TAG rupanya...::sorry, lambat post::

1. Bekas kekasih saya adalah :
adalah beberapa individu yang tak berapa nak sesuai untuk dijadikan husband

2. Saya sedang mendengar :
lagu dari blog Suhana sebab masa aku jwp ni, blog dia aku buka untuk copy paste soklan :)
3. Mungkin saya patut:
membeli iPad secepat yang mungkin...selepas membeli MACbook Pro!
(eh..tak-tak...beli tiket kapal terbang dulu nak balik kampung husband) heheehe
4. Saya suka :
lepak tepi pantai, berayun dalam buaian sambil mendengar lagu dari iPod dan membaca novel ( so sad, cannot do that type of activities here in Putrajaya)
5.Sahabat-sahabat baik saya :
The Haruss dan beberapa individu lain yang bukan ahli The Haruss :)
 6.Saya tak paham :
bahasa korea :: i think i gonna learn a little, i wanna understand what they said in their movies and dramas::
7.Saya kehilangan :
kelemumur setelah bertukar shampoo ke Loreal...and liking it! my hair become so nice, and manageable, didn't  you notice??
8.Ramai yang berkata :
tak risau/takut ker suami duk jauh???...actually, saya risau kalau dia jatuh sakit or tak sihat jer...yang lain tu tak risau aper pun.
9.Makna nama saya :
nama saya adalah satu kata nama yang glamerr!!!terkenal diseluruh dunia.
10.Cinta itu adalah :
Hak Milik Setiap Insan
11.Di suatu tempat, seseorang sedang :
leka menonton tv
12.Saya akan cuba :
menggembirakan keluarga dan kawan2
13.Ayat SELAMANYA membawa maksud :
forever until infinitum.....beyond reach
14.Telefon bimbit saya :
iPhone 16GB first Malaysia version...and Sony E...which is really handy!!! i love both
15.Bila saya terjaga dari tidur :
in the morning??... i kiss my Angel first.
16.Saya paling meluat apabila :
ada orang yang ingin lebih dalam segalanya daripada orang lain...we should think this way: apa yang aku ada tidak semestinya kau pun ada dan apa yang kau ada tidak semestinya aku pun ada::got it?::
17.Pesta/Parti adalah :
bergembira bersama orang-orang yang menghargai anda setulusnya!!!
18.Haiwan yang paling comel yang saya pernah temui ialah :
Rabbit lerrr...selain dari puppy

19.Peringkat umur yang paling menyeronokkan bagi saya ialah :
15-25  :: i wish i could go back to that age:: and of course 28 onwards where i met my husband and be his forever...::Saranghea::
20.Hari ini :
aku berehat dan bermalas-malasan di rumah....

21.Malam ini saya akan :
sambung menonton drama...ape lagi??... :)
22.Esok pula saya akan :
berehat lagi sebab hari Ahad..:)
23.Saya betul-betul inginkan :
supaya setiap masa boleh bersama Hubby dan Angel.  Just the three of us!!!! 
24.Ketika anda lihat wajah anda di hadapan cermin pagi ini :
haish....kenapalah kulit muka aku tak setulus/semulus kulit Angel???:)
25.Pusat membeli-belah atau arked permainan :
dua-dua aku suka--apatah lagi kalau bersama hubby lagi best!!
26.Makanan Barat atau Jepun :
sushi...and more sushi and wasabi
27.Bilik yang terang atau gelap:
bilik terang kalau nak mekap dan baca buku...bilik samar2 kalau tidur...tak suka bilik gelap::i hate darkness::
28.Makanan segera adalah :
something to have for instant hunger...hahahaha
29.Ayat terakhir yang anda katakan pada seseorang?
seseorang tu sapa ya? tak dpt jawap soklan ni...aku tak paham
30.Siapa yang anda nak Tag?
tak der nak Tag saper...sebab rasanya The Haruss dah pun jawap soklan tag nih....

My Lyrics :)

::korean version::--without words

Hajimal geol geuraesseo moreuncheok haebeorilgeol
Anboineun geotcheoreom bolsueopneun geotcheoreom
Neol aye bojimalgeol geuraetnabwa

Domangchil geol geuraesseo motdeuleuncheok geureolgeol
Deutjido motaneun cheok
Deuleul su eopneun geotcheoreom
Aye ne sarang deutji aneulgeol

Maldo eopsi sarangeul alge hago
Maldo eopsi sarangeul naege jugo
Sumgyeol hanajocha neol damge haenotgo
Ireoke domangganigga

Maldo eopsi sarangi nareul ddeona
Maldo eopsi sarangi nareul beoryeo
Museunmaleul halji damun ibi
Honjaseo nollangeot gata
Maldo eopsi waseo

Wae ireoke apeunji wae jagguman apeunji
Neol bolsu eopdaneungeon
Nega eopdaneungeo malgo
Modu yejeongwa ddokgateungeonde

Maldo eopsi sarangeul alge hago
Maldo eopsi sarangeul naege jugo
Sumgyeol hanajocha neol damge haenotgo
Ireoke domangganigga

Maldo eopsi sarangi nareul ddeona
Maldo eopsi sarangi nareul beoryeo
Museunmaleul halji damun ibi
Honjaseo nollangeot gata

Maldo eopsi nunmuli heulleonaeryeo
Maldo eopsi gaseumi muneojyeoga

Maldo eopneun sarangeul gidarigo

Maldo eopneun sarangeul apahago
Neoksi nagabeoryeo baboga doebeoryeo
Haneulman bogo unigga

Maldo eopsi ibyeoli nareulchaja
Maldo eopsi ibyeoli naegewaseo
Junbido motago neol bonaeyahaneun
Naemami nollangeot gata
Maldo eopsi waseo

Maldo eopsi watdaga
Maldo eopsi ddeonaneun
Jinagan yeolbyeongcheoreom jamsi apeumyeon doenabwa
Jageun hyungteoman namgedoenigga

::english lyrics::

I shouldnt have done that,
I should have pretended not to know
like I didnt see it, like I couldnt see it
I shouldnt have looked at you in the first place

I should have run away,
I should have pretended I wasnt listening
like I didnt hear it, like I couldnt hear it
I shouldnt have heard your love in the first place

Without a word you made me know love
Without a word you gave me love
Because you took just a breath and ran away like this
Without a word love leaves me

Without a word love abandons me
Wondering what to say next, my lips were surprised
Because it came without a word.

Why does it hurt so much?

Why does it hurt continuously?
Except for the fact that I can’t see you anymore
And that you’re not here anymore
Otherwise it’s the same as before

Without a word you made me know love
Without a word you gave me love
Because you took just a breath and ran away like this
Without a word love leaves me
Without a word love abandons me
Wondering what to say next, my lips were surprised

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wide awake

Something really bothering me, how come my eyes stay wide open when its really time for them to officially close? Lingering.... Is it because i miss you this much?
Arghh.... I do really miss you, beyond words :(
what should i do? The urge of seeing you is unbearable, i thought i could just pretend not to miss you, but, i guess i cant lie to myself.
Miss you, honey.
I need you...:(

Monday, February 28, 2011

Real Life


there are so much to think about these days...
am not going to campare my life to others
'coz i believe,
no matter how fine or well one may look from the outside,
am pretty sure, in the inside, she/he has something
lingering in mind as well...
so, i will just endure this life as it is
let it flow naturally
eventhough, at times, things were hard to handle
but in the end, i passed them through
and i truly confident this time, too
no matter crazy it sounds
i will make it through

all i have to do is
just hold on a little longer
keep firm and persistant
i will still make it through

no one says, real life is easy
real life is no fantasy
it's a real drama
that we have to carry our own role
and carry it well

and this life is worth living...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011

absolute "You're Beautiful" tribute.

parts that are hard not to watch :) 

dont mind me:: its my bussiness...

Ha..Ha..Ha...i will endure it for the moment

am not trying to turn my blog to a "watch online" or whatsoever like...
but, those videos that i posted in this blog are
all my fav...
i have to post them here so it would be easy for me
to click and watch them again and again, whenever i want to...
sounds crazy??
you bet.

i have just finished this drama..."You'Re Beautiful"
indeed, it was a beautiful drama...and never get tired of watchin it..
Its so refreshing and full of laughter,
it is safe to say that...
watching this drama...adding more happinness to my life..

i'll post more videos relating to this drama later...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Obviously, am gonna continue this korean and taiwanese dramas addicting thing for quite sometime to come..
it's something i can not leave alone, and everytime i finished one drama, there is always
a new one to watch. and all have stories of their own...

::On the List so Far::

Miss No Good
Shining Inherritance
Autumn's Concerto
Boys Before Flowers
My Girlfriend is Gumiho
Playful Kiss
Personal Taste
My Princess
You're Beautiful
They Kiss Again
Full House
Coffee Prince
Paradise Ranch
::and...the list will definitely getting longer as time passing by...::

These dramas are exactly like a story book...once you begin the reading,
there is no way to stop until you reach the last page.
and the best of all, The endings are so happily ever after...


Monday, February 14, 2011

candies for my eyes..(^___^)

nothing serious really,
just passing my time while thinking of someone
who i deeply miss ......not only because today is today but
for now and forever...
since we always spend most of the time
out of each other sights....
time really is  a punishment..
i love you too, honey..
nothing compares...:)

but let me enjoy my candies...for a refreshment....

Cherish the love you have, everyone!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


is that means my brain right now does not have any thoughts?
does it means, i have no exciting things going on?
really, not that really...hmmm
i just want to keep it to myself
thats all...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Deeply Touched!

Recently, i have just finished my Korean Drama Marathon ::Shining Inheritance:: a.k.a Brilliant Legacy.  Exactly 4 days nonstop watching this drama which consists around 140 and more episodes with 10-15 minutes per episode that would add up to more than 35hrs altogether.(the figures are for info only)

well, i could say i am not so into this drama thing actually, i remember some of  friends too, are so passionate about korean dramas, on how the stories could turn upside down their feelings and all.
Now, i am totally agreed after finishing this drama. So far, this is the only drama that has deeply touched my heart and i am so moved.  It is such a beautiful story of  life, bonding between family and friends and tangling so many hearts and feelings. I personally recommend it to whoever have the free time, can watch this story and experience it by yourself.  Am sure you will love it as much as i do.

The clips

finally, Love is a many splendored thing!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Edisi Khas untuk BNS

by the way, i have to write in Malay again this time....

edisi ini memang dikhaskan untuk BFF aku yang satu ni..(errk BFF ker kita? dia kena komen arr kat blog ni untuk bagi jawapan) blog pun dia tak der, cam mana tu?  aku tak mengharap sangat pun, sebab semalam, aku tanya dia, dia baca ker tak blog aku, dia kata, TAK BACA ARRRR, alasan? sebab tak terrer cakap omputeh dia tak paham apa yang aku rapu-rapukan kat blog neh....
tapi...boleh caya ker? aku sendiri pun tak caya neh.....aku pun boleh kata aku tak pandai cakap omputeh...takkan sepatah dua tak reti cik BNs oiii?
memang dia bukan peminat aku agaknya...huhuhuhu...takper la....
berbalik kepada edisi khas untuk BNS ni, aku tulis dalam Malay kali ni, supaya
menyenangkan dia baca blog aku ni...(kalau dia tersinggah kononnya) sebenarnya, untuk lebih menyenangkan dia, aku harus tulis dlm bahasa Johor or lebih tepat bahasa Jawa , masalahnya, sepatah pun
aku tak reti...lagi teruk la aku ni...semalam dia siap tanya ada tak gossip2 aku bangkitkan kat blog...ha ni la dia aku nak gossip2kan dia kali ni........agaknya dia berminat dgn blog yang penuh gossip-gossipan kot...aku tak pandai lah nak bergosip sesangat...weh....:)

sebenarnya kan,....english aku tulis pun, english tahap darjah 6 jerr....entah, vocabulary,entah grammar dah bertaburan...tapi aku kisah apa kan? Ejaan, tak mungkin kot salah, sebab ada spellcheck...kalau ada juga ejaan salah maknanya aku tak autokan spellcheck la tu...kui..kui..kui...
tapi tang ayat - ayat tu, mungkin lah bertaburan...tanyalah orang yang jadi cikgu english...mesti
dia cakap, English takat level darjah 6 jer ni.....tapi aku tak kisah jugak...yang penting aku tetap teruskan
niat aku untuk belajar berbahasa Inggeris ni...kang kalo aku tak reti  mcm mana nak berkomunikasi ngan laki aku pulak kan? dah la dia sejemput jer paham bahasa Malaysia...Bahasa Ibunda aku pulak haram dia tak paham sepatah pun...tu lah antara sebab2 aku tulis dlm bahasa Inggeris, selain memperbaiki penguasaanku dlm bahasa tersebut, laki aku pun boleh turut sama membaca dan mendapat info2 terkini dari blog ni...
maklumlah...dia kan jauh nun di sana...

So BNS, aku harap, jgn lah dengan alasan tak reti BI ko tak jenguk blog aku ni...sudi2 lah...(ceh, mcm paksa pula aku neh kan) huhuhuhu...tapi aku tau, walau pun BNS tak reti katanya, mesti ada lah dia jeling2 jugak blog neh, seminggu sekali tu mesti ada...caya la!!!! setakat tu jer la gossip aku cipta untuk BNS kali ni....

p/s: sepuluh jari aku susun ni tau!!! hahahahahahaa
cantikkan? berseri gitu...

Thursday, January 27, 2011


i supposed to write this topic in the other blog ::
but, since  i already posted a topic there for today, i will just post this in here....both are my blogs, anyway..:)

well, i brought Angel to the Clinic at 2.00 pm, the purpose of her appointment for today
is only to monitor her weight...her  last appointment was in Nov 2010
3 months ago...and, since her weight was just above the border
( to be exact is 11.3 kg at age of 2yrs 11months) is that skinny???
anyway, guess how much she weigh today?? 11.6kgs  for age 3yrs 1month. 
the gaining is almost invisible, at 300grams or 100grams per month..
my oh my Angel...but, its ok, not to worry...
the graph is still above the yellow line (yellow is for underweight) :)
i think she is just trying to keep herself slim.. is her progress since birth... always a little above the yellow line
as long as she is healthy...all is well
Her health is the most important!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


anyway, i have to write in Malay this time....hahahaha

dah tu, orang (ahcik sue) suh aku bagi jawapan kepada soalan yang tak ditranslatekan ke bahasa orang putih... kui3..jgn marah weh...

antara soklan2 yg perlu aku jawap dan dipostkan kedalam blog aku sendiri..taraaa :

1. apakah yang anda sedang lakukan 30 minit yang lalu?
 #mengemaskinikan blog  tak perasan ker dah warna warni dan font budak2 dah di applykan??hahahahaha.......

2. minggu lepas…?
#soklan ni susah sikit. minggu lepas tu hari berapa? kalo nak list setiap hari, kang berjela2 pula jawapan.  kalau nak rumuskan utk seminggu, ok, Isnin hingga Rabu, bekerja, Khamis-Public holiday kerana Hari Thaipusam, Jumaat-kerja balik, Sabtu-shopping untuk parti oren dan Ahad-pagi pi church, petang pi Hi-Tea..heheheheh

3. 3 lagu yang anda sedang dengar sekarang ?
#Aku dengar lagu "Pelangi Selepas Hujan" pasti ada yang tertanya, siapa penyanyi, lagu apa? takyah tahu lah ya...aku dok ulang jer lagu tu, so lagu tu jer la aku dgr...bukan 3 lagu...

4. 3 lagu yang anda tak suka dengar?
#bukan 3 jer lagu aku tak suka dengar...tetapi kesemua lagu yang liriknya bodo3 dan music yang tak sedap didengar oleh telinga aku!!!

5. 3 perkara yang anda suka buat bila duit banyak ?
#1. belanja kawan makan(kalau tak belanja-duit takda la tu) 2. pergi melancong 3. dan makan-makan lagi...

6. kalau diberi binatang peliharaan, binatang apa yang anda suka bela ? kenapa ?
#kalau boleh aku nak pelihara sumer binatang, biar ada mini zoo gitu...sebab aku peminat binatang, percayalah, aku bercakap benar!

7. anda tak reti buat …………buat baju(maksudnya menjahit seperti si piah)

8. anda lebih rela memilih …………….memilih apa? memilih warna pink dari warna biru ...errr betul ke jawapan neh?

9. 3 barang berharga dalam purse anda ?
#1.duit kertas walau tak banyak
#2. IC/Lesen Memandu
#3. Segala kad yang berkaitan dgn bank...hehehehe

10. anda seorang …………..?
#setia pada persahabatan...untung lah korang yang sebagai kawan, (tanya orang yang dah kawan lama ngan aku, mesti dorang setuju) maka rugilah yang bukan kawan ...percayalah..selain itu seorg yang sangat terbuka dan menghormati orang lain...hehehehe ye ke aku neh? ye la...

11. 3 perkara yang tak pernah membosankan anda ?
#1. bergelak ketawa
#2. Tidur
#3. Melancong

12. sabar dan cerewet, mana satu yang sesuai dengan diri anda ?
# sabar kot?..errk?cerewet sikit jer pun...

13. 3 laman web yang anda selalu lawati ?

14. anda x faham …………..?
# banyak bahasa/dialect daerah di Malaysia (menjawap soalan ker?)

15. ramai yang berkata anda seorang ………..baik hati dan pemurah...betul la...

16. ayat pertama setelah anda mendapat tag ini ? ………..
#jom jawap...jawaplah dgn jujur.....

Akhir kata...kepada sesapa yang berkenan..ehh...berkenaan - To Know Me Is To Love Me

Monday, January 24, 2011

ON the Fortunate Afternoon!

the day that has been long awaited for has arrived...

The "special invitation"

The Color i wore
I was actually stuffed from my Chicken Rice lunch 2hrs before the event, but still, i managed to push myself to take these on my plate. :) I can't resist the Butter Prawn!
The choices for my appetite
Left two lucky draws so i have no much choices...
The presents and the lucky draws!!!

The lucky participants

My Lucky gift-I got it from Yani & The Lucky Lady who got My Gift

These are the toys that we used on the happening afternoon. Everyone enjoyed being the photographer of her own...:)

Their Toys VS My Toy

Mysteries were solved!!! what i wore, what gift that i've chosen and the lucky person who received it. I surely hope you like my gift Pn. Ida. It is something i wish to have for myself...:)

Gifts opening ceremony

The two little flower girls

Thank you, Ladies.
We have had a memorable afternoon, the environment, the chatting and the fun time we've shared especially taking some photos surrounding by heavy rain!

Am so happy to know and to be friended to each and everyone of you lovely ladies.
May the bond of our friendship gets stronger as the days pass regardless the
little differences between us.

(^The End^)